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By phone – call 800 4040 toll free

By e-mail – cards@emarat.co.ae

By letter – to Card Customer Services, Emarat, PO Box 9400, Dubai

By fax – to Card Customer Services, +971 4 343 3393

A hard copy written request (on company letterhead) to order a new card, or a new card can be ordered electronically via a secure customer portal.

You’ll need to tell us all the relevant details you wish to have on your new card:

  • Vehicle registration or driver name
  • Cost center or project (if applicable)
  • You can select any and all from the attached list. Cards will only be authorized to purchase those products identified by you:
  • A specific fuel (Super Unleaded, Special Unleaded, Diesel or Kerosene)
  • All fuels
  • Car Wash
  • Lubes
  • Auto Care
  • Convenience Store
  • You can choose any one, or any combination of the following;
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Note:The card will not authorize spending once the lesser of the limits has been breached. For example, if a card has used up its daily limit, it will not work until the following day – even if the weekly and monthly limits have available funds.

There are no charges for ordering a new card. However, a charge of AED 20 is made for faxed or hard copy requests.

You will need to have either a hard copy written request (on company letterhead) to cancel a lost/stolen card, or an electronic instruction via the secure customer portal.

Unless stated otherwise, the new card will have exactly the same details and restrictions on it as the original.

Yes, the charge is AED 20. This charge may fluctuate in the future.

A hard copy of a written notification, or an electronic instruction via the web portal is required in order to change card details.

The card also needs to be brought to our Head Office so that the changes can be encoded onto the card.

If you have a Safeer card, you will see an available credit balance on every receipt.

Cards can have daily, weekly and monthly limits – shown on your receipt as DL, WL and ML.

For pre-paid cards, the amount of stored value is also shown after every transaction. However, if you have limits on your spending that are below the balance, the lower of the two is shown.

A Personal Identification Number or PIN is a number that authorizes a transaction via an Emarat smart card. Transactions at sites will only be authorized if the cardholder enters the correct PIN at the Point of Sale.

If you forget your PIN, you’ll need to order a replacement card. Cardholders can change PINs at any Emarat Petrol Station.

In case of a malfunction, the card may have reached its pre-set limit (or in the case of a pre-paid card, run out of funds). If all your Safeer cards are blocked, there’s likely to be a problem with your payment. In that case, please get in touch with us.

Yes. A monthly administration fee is charged per card per month. This differs from account to account, and can be from AED 10 – AED 25.

There are also fees charged for other services, as follows;

Hard copy Electronic
Service Amount
Level Amount
New card 10 Per card Free
Card modification 25 Per card Free
Vehicle/card list 50 Per
Transactional data reports 250 Account Free
Transaction slip copy request 25 Per slip 25 Per slip
Lost card replacement 50 Per card 50 Per card
Damaged card replacement 50 Per card 50 Per card
Account closing – card not returned 50 Per card 50 Per card
Late payment/account re-activation 250 Account 250 Account
Cheque returned 250 Account 250 Account

Cards can be used at all Emarat and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) service stations in Dubai.

It usually takes 4 working days to fulfill a request for a new/replacement card, or to make amendments to existing cards.

From Sunday to Thursday between 8am and 2pm.

The office remains closed during Government holidays.

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